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CLOSED CBT Nuggets – Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL)
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(06-15-2015, 08:43 PM)NEXTIE Wrote:
[Image: dc5393a78161a9eccfe58c83f2763ebd.jpg]
Trainer: Anthony Sequeira Duration: NA
Video Format: FLV Resolution: 1280 x 720
File Size: 244 MB
Video 1 – 10 (all course has 20 videos)
1. What is VIRL? (00:05:35)
Not sure exactly what Cisco VIRL is and what it can do for you? Then this Nugget is a must.

2. VIRL Versions (00:04:15)
What are the various versions of VIRL, and how do they differ?
3. VIRL Requirements (00:07:13)
What hardware and software do we need in place in order to install and run VIRL? Find out in this Nugget!
4. Installing VIRL (00:17:54)
This Nugget details and demonstrates the installation of Cisco VIRL.
5. Validating the VIRL Installation (00:02:37)
Did the install process succeed? Are you ready to use VIRL with success? Find out how to verify all of this in this Nugget.
6. Installing VM Maestro (00:10:40)
The GUI for controlling Cisco VIRL is called VM Maestro. In this Nugget, you learn how to install and troubleshoot this installation.
7. Touring VM Maestro (00:08:31)
There are lots of panes to be found in the VM Maestro GUI. What do they all mean? Learn all that, and watch a basic workflow example in this critical Nugget.
8. Creating a New Project and Topology (00:08:34)
In this Nugget, watch Anthony Sequeira demonstrate how simple it is to create a working topology in VIRL.
9. Using Your Own Telnet Client (00:03:52)
In this Nugget, Anthony Sequeira demonstrates how to use your own Telnet and SSH client with the VIRL simulator. This is a must if your plan on using VIRL to practice key router configurations.
10. Performing a Non-Disruptive Upgrade (00:10:56)
Great news – Cisco will be updating VIRL for us to fix bugs and add features. In this Nugget, watch as Anthony Sequeira walks you through version verification and a non-disruptive upgrade of VIRL and the VM Maestro client.

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