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CLOSED CBT Nuggets - Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 4.0 VPN Technologies
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CBT Nuggets - Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 4.0 VPN Technologies
Instructor: Anthony Sequeira
Format: MP4
Size: 1.48GB

Part four of our series on the version 5 CCIE R&S training here at CBT Nuggets builds directly on the three previous parts. Here, you prepare for both the written exam as well as the lab exam on key topics involving virtual private networks. From the DMVPN to the GETVPN, master the technologies taking corporations by storm today — as they try and protect their data as it courses through the veins of public Internet connections.

Virtual private networking technologies are now quite commonplace in corporate networks. Cisco has responded by adding many topics in this area to the Routing and Switching CCIE. This course ensures you are adequately prepared. And this area is tricky because some of the topic domains are written exam-only, while some are lab potential. To make matters more complicated, many of the topics have a potentially very deep scope, but not so for the Routing and Switching CCIE. This course covers these technologies to the extent you require.

The topic list for this course reads like a “greatest hits” list for recent technologies, including MPLS, DMVPNs, site-to-site VPNS, and GETVPNs. These technologies are not just “nice to have,” but are considered critical in many environments today.

Just as you experienced in the previous three CCIE training courses, this installment provides the theory and the hands-on approach required to master the technologies for written and lab excellence. Topics are broken up into very detailed components to promote easy understanding, as well as pinpoint review areas.

More Info:

Table of Contents:

1. Welcome to Part 4 of CCIE RS v5 All-In-One (3 min)
2. MPLS Labels (8 min)
3. LSRs (7 min)
4. LSPs (7 min)
5. Bonus Tip: The Cisco Feature Navigator (5 min)
6. Label Distribution (7 min)
7. The LFIB (6 min)
8. Creating the Provider Core Topology (15 min)
9. Configuring Basic MPLS (8 min)
10. Verifying Basic MPLS (12 min)
11. LDP at the CLI (20 min)
12. Bonus Tip: Tracking Your Study Progress (7 min)
13. Troubleshooting the Provider Network (21 min)
14. MPLS PING (12 min)
15. MPLS Traceroute (9 min)
16. MBGP on the PE Devices (13 min)
17. VRFs on the PE Devices (12 min)
18. CE to PE Routing (12 min)
19. Redistr and Verif in the L3 MPLS VPN (20 min)
20. Extranet: Route Leaking (20 min)
21. GRE (12 min)
22. mGRE (8 min)
23. NHRP (7 min)
24. Introduction to DMVPN (7 min)
25. Building a Practice DMVPN Topology (15 min)
26. NHRP in the DMVPN - EIGRP (22 min)
27. IPSec in the DMVPN (9 min)
28. OSPF in the DMVPN (5 min)
29. QoS Pre-Classify (11 min)
30. Legacy Site to Site IPsec VPNs (16 min)
31. VTI Site to Site IPsec VPNs (14 min)
32. AToM (9 min)
33. L2TPV3 (10 min)
34. VPLS (9 min)
35. GET VPN (12 min)
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