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CLOSED IPExpert's Cisco CCNP R&S Video on Demand :: Next Generation w/Marko
[Image: 30nf679.jpg]
IPExpert's Cisco CCNP R&S Video on Demand :: Next Generation
Instructor: Marko
Format: MP4
Size: 8.4GB

iPexpert's Cisco CCNP R&S VoD :: Next Generation is a modular video course that's been built by creating very focused videos for every topic seen within every topic seen on the CCNP exam blueprints. As an iPexpert student, you'll receive our commitment that all content updated on a regular basis. All updates and additions are instantly made available to you at no additional cost. The following course modules are included in our Cisco CCNP R&S VoD:  

Implementing Cisco IP Routing (642-902 ROUTE)
Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (642-813 SWITCH)
Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (642-832 TSHOOT)
642-902 ROUTE
Implementing Cisco IP Routing (642-902)
EIGRP - Introduction, Authentication and Key Chains
EIGRP Neighbor Formation and Maintenance
EIGRP Route Exchange, Composite Metric and Best-Path Selection
Prefix-Lists and Route-Maps
EIGRP Summarization and Filtering
OSPF Introduction and Architecture
OSPF Adjacencies, Authentication and Network Types
OSPF Database and LSA Types
OSPF Inter-Area Operations, Area Types, and External Routes
OSPF Inter-Area and External Routes in the Database
OSPF Summarization and Filtering
Routing Protocol Redistribution
Policy-Based Routing
Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Object Tracking
BGP Overview and Architecture
BGP Attributes and Best-Path Selection Process
BGP Peering - External (eBGP) and Internal (iBGP)
BGP Aggregation and Filtering

642-813 SWITCH
Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (642-813)
Switch Operation
Switch Operation #2
Switch Ports
Switch Ports #2
Switch Port Types
Ethernet Link Aggregation
EtherChannel Configuration
Introduction to Spanning-Tree
Traditional and Per-VLAN Spanning-Tree
Configuring Per-VLAN Spanning-Tree
Advanced Spanning-Tree Features
Advanced Spanning-Tree Features - UplinkFast
Advanced Spanning-Tree Features - BackboneFast
Advanced Spanning-Tree Features - PortFast
Advanced Spanning-Tree Features - RootGuard
Advanced Spanning-Tree Features - LoopGuard
Advanced Spanning-Tree Features - BPDUGuard
Advanced Spanning-Tree Features - BPDUFilter
Advanced Spanning-Tree - Portfast, BPDUGuard and BPDUFilter Relationship
Rapid and Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning-Tree
Rapid and Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning-Tree Convergence
Multiple Spanning-Tree (MST)
Multilayer Switching
Cisco Express Forwarding
IOS DHCP Server Fundamentals
First-Hop Redundancy Protocols - HSRP, VRRP, GLBP

642-832 TSHOOT
Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks  (642-832)
How to use TSHOOT Videos
Troubleshooting Basic Connectivity
Troubleshooting Layer 2
Troubleshooting Routing
Troubleshooting EIGRP
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