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CLOSED NEW UNL Lite VM v1.0.0-8 UPDATE 19/APR/2016
Hello guys,

This is Unofficial lite UNetLab VM machine.
This UNL machine includes:
  • best IOL IOS
L3-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M-15.4-2T.bin Recommended RAM 1024M
L2-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M-15.2-IRON-20151103.bin Recommended RAM 1024M
  • Best Dynamips IOS
c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T14 RAM 256M ONLY
c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S7 RAM 512M ONLY
  • CSR v1000 3.16
csr1000v-universalk9.03.16.00.S.155-3.S Recommended RAM 3072M
  • XRv 6.0 Recommended RAM 3072M
  • Arista vEOS 4.14.5F Recommended RAM 1024M (supports 25 ports)
  • ASA 8.4.2, supports Multicontext mode. Recommended RAM to run is 1536M

  • ASAv 9.5.2-204, Recommended RAM 2048M

  • Ostinato traffic generator Recommended RAM 512M

  • Linux Core host Recommended RAM 512M

  • Windows XP, real host with many tools installed Recommended RAM 1024M
As well loaded very useful stuff with labs:
RS contains 6 labs totally.
INE Mock labs 1,2, loaded preconfig
INE Advanced Labs rack, no preconifgs, due this rack is used for many labs. Initials have to adopted.

IP Expert labs, the best I think:
Full CFG rack for technology training. Vol1, any of initial configs match official from IPX, therefore just grab them and copy/paste.
Mock lab CFG vol2, precofigured
Mock TS vol2, preconfigured.

Some SP labs.
SEC Labs, created by UD

Link includes:
  • preloaded and ready-to-GO UNL VM

  • Windows management pack

  • Md5 checksum utility

  • MD5 checksums for files

  • Link to instructional videos
Unofficial full preloaded UNL vm with all images will not be provided here.

O NOT ASK me offer other ways to download like 4shared or other. I WILL NOT PROVIDE THEM!!!

UPDATE to newest UNL version ! Today 17/MAR/2016 it is 1.0.0-6
You need not download all again, but follow steps below, FOLLOW!!!
and don't ask me you couldn't  !!!!

New release update info here:
Features and Fixed on this release 1.0.0-6:
  • IPS template fixed

  • ERROR 20003 fixed

  • More option for free-select

  • Right click on working area brings “+” menu, without need to press “+” on the menu bar

  • Other minor issues
Known Issues:
  • When upgrading from v96 to v1.0.0-X nodes in main screen will be closer then in previous view, manual re-ordering needed

  • When importing iou-web labs, main lab topology will be messed, manual re-ordering needed

  • When importing iou-web labs, Image MAP in the attached pictures messed, manual re-ordering needed
NOW , lets update your UNL to newest version 1.0.0-8:

log in UNL SSH cli:
verify if ping www.google.com
if it is success, issue commands:

apt-get update


apt-get install unetlab

when ask say Y

on cli verify what version UNLyou having is:
dpkg -l unetlab

MANDATORY After update need refresh your browsers:
chrome shift +F5
Firefox ctrl +F5




Excelent Thanks..


thank you





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