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DISCUSSION Big News! Goodbye CCIE Routing and Switching, Hello CCIE Enterprise Infrastructu
In the early hours of this morning, the Cisco Symposium was held in the United States which it was announced that a new certification system would be released on 24th February,2020. The current certification deadline was on 23rd February,2020! Existing certifications are still valid but if certified after on 24th February new certifications and related certificates will be obtained.
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CCNA changes:
The original CCNA of the 9 major directions merged. Only one test was unified that the test code 200-301
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CCNP changes:
The original CCNP RS and CCNP Wireless directions merge into CCNP Enterprise direction
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The CCNP exam format change that originally required 3-5 written tests to pass. The next generation of CCNP certification can only be obtained through 2 exams. That must take a core exam and plus an optional exam.
Next generation CCNP can be directly tested without first having CCNA certification.

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Enterprise Infrastructure (formerly R&S) and Enterprise Wireless (formerly Wireless) test the same IE written test NP written test and IE written test is the same test, take down NP/IE written test can choose to directly obtain LAB to become CCIE or refer to an optional exam to become CCNP and can be test more flexible

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LAB Exam module changed from three modules of TS+DIAG+Configuration to Design+deploy,operate and Optimize two modules

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The re-authentication form is changed to require 120 credits to be activated. It is similar to the test NP certification that only one core exam and one optional exam can be completed
The next generation of CCIE is still valid for 3 years but can be activated for more than 3 years with the option of a rework test without the need to re-test LAB activation
Ten years of honor CCIE changed to 20 years of honor CCIE
The above is the content of today's Cisco Seminar. 6 years of precipitation in exchange for the next generation of network system changes
Cisco's transformation heralds a more systematic and diverse certification of the next generation of network engineer talent, advocating a special (core exam) multi-precision (optional exam) that allows you to choose the direction and content of your studies flexibly according to your interests or business needs.
At the same time, there are automation and development involved in each direction so that the original relatively simple implementation of delivery engineers have the opportunity to move to a higher level of design and development!
New changes have brought new challenges ,new opportunities, actively embraced the new era, and are the best of our generation of network engineers.
Today, PASSHOT open the next generation of Cisco Curriculum system reform, adhering to the consistent attitude towards the students. It will bring you a more efficient curriculum system and more grounded professional teaching. Please wait and see.
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