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DISCUSSION CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 13 March 2017
Old TS :

ticket 1 :  under SW2 vlan 12 there was access list which was dropping the traffic from pc to server . Allowed it .
ticket 2 :  encap frame relay and whole ppp was missing from r17 se4/0 . added all .
ticket 3 :  in r22 , router-id . and in r5 passive interface towards r1 .
ticket 4 :  r12 passive interface towards r14 .
ticket 5 :  one of r1 interface mpls ip missing and under route-map in r5 added a forward sequence to get rid of wrong next hop .
ticket 6 :  network was missing in r25 added it . Also at r22 and r25 neighbor was not made under address family  ipv6 and applied given route-map .
ticket 7 :  in r14 connected to r18 access-list blocking esp , udp allowed it . ip nhrp shortcut added in r18 and r19 (they mentioned this ticket has 2 faults
but has 3 as per me )
ticket 8 : in mpls trace was asked from r104 to r107 but through. r104 was not getting ip from dhcp . SW3 vlan 100 was not under ospf .
            increased ospf cost r4 and r6 . IN r8 int e0/0.124 ip nat inside was missing .
            But again here they said 2 faults but i found 4 .
ticket 9 :  in 21 under added udp isakmp and non-500 isakmp .
ticket 10 : NAS was getting wrong ip , changed the client identifier under dhcp in r23 . also e0/0 of nas : ip address dhcp only i added client-id e0/0 .


Diag : DHCP snooping and tcl script . Same as we all have the documents .

Config old  :  in vtp for SW1 and SW2 it did not mention which vtp mode but stated that vlan information must be saved in startup config which means transparent .

               under switch 3 and switch 4 they tried to play with us .for example SW3 is conncted to R8 et0/1 port in the diagram and ip was of same subnet .
               but in cdp sw3 was connected to r8 e0/2 .and this is the same case with r9 , r10 , r11 . I interchanged the ips of et0/1 and et0/2 on 8 9 10 11 .

               one thing , in old lab device : spanning-tree portfast edge default not supported it was only spanning-tree portfast  default only

               in 45678 they asked not to use virtual name for eigrp but use the strongest authentication available and some key was asked .
                so i used key chain . rest all was normal .
               in shell processing i applied the command : shell processing full but did not get the output as asked .

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