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DISCUSSION CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 30 Jan 2017
Good day guys.

I want to share my experience,

I did the exam last week,

I passed the troubleshooting, old ts just like the alinux1 - alinux6, two or three faults per ticket, in this post you will see all tickets with all faults but in the exam only two or one thing is broken.

Be careful with the timer on top, cause it stops when i have left 30min, if you want to continue it takes those 30minutes from the configuration part, just find the issue, fix it and continue don't waste any time.

For the diag part just like in the forum, DHCP snooping and TCL script.

For the Configuration part, it was the A5_vrf exam, it is really really long exam I didn't have time to verify anything, I configured at full speed at the end I failed.

- The section 2.11 changes, the RP and BSR is R17 not R15 like in the workbook shared in this forum.
- The secion 1.3 changes, port-channels use LACP sw3 and sw4 are active and 5 and 6 are passive.
- Be super careful when configuring access/trunks, It is better to set every port back to defaults and then configure the ports based on the diagram, I found the table they give super confusing.
- Try to use the notepad, ( you can access in the desktop ) to copy/paste as much configuration as you can cause time is the real factor, for me this exam doesn't score if you have the knowledge or not, it is all about speed and precision cause the tasks are not that tricky.
- Have a plan, do the A5 lab as many times as you can at home, so that when you go to take the lab exam you just have to compare the actual exam versus what you practice and go right ahead at the configuration part without too much reading.

I will attempt again as soon as I can, do you know, I have a question if you can help me:

Based on your experience how probable is that I have the same troubleshooting/diagnostics and configuration sections in my second try? and what could be the differences between my first attemp and a second one?







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