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Hi All

Which Simulator do you use or recommend for CCIE Study ?

I have added Polls for vote. Please vote for GNS3 or EVE-NG

your comments are highly appreciated
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Only a DUMB person will think of GNS3 for CCIE. Now Day most of the guys are using EVE-NG for CCIE


(04-21-2020, 04:59 PM)teemitt Wrote: Only a DUMB person will think of GNS3 for CCIE. Now Day  most of the guys are using EVE-NG for CCIE

Don't be rude, GNS3 is a valid solution, there were a lot of great things since 2014, you can basically do all you need for CCIE and it supports IOU images (and even docker & co

Eve/unetlab/iouweb is easier for CCIE thanks to people preparing labs on it, that's all. CCIE don't need a lot of features after all.


I also tried EVE-NG, GNS3 is much more easy to use ,for me. Current version of GNS is great. In gns3 99% you don't touch to gns3-vm CLI.It has also one click import of config files.Supports IOU and kvm based images,in addition to,any virtual machine can easily be integrated.While preparing for written exam, I did ine technologies labs in gns3.

10 routers connected to one switch. One click import of config files and lab is ready,

Eve-ng I will used for pre-prepared labs.Btw,it must be deployed in vm,there is no other way.Even in linux box (as I know). But gns3 can be built in linux host (ubuntu 16.04 etc) natively without any vm deployment.This is excellent for whom who has lower resources in its PC,noutbook.


This review might be helpful for VIRL vs GNS3 vs EVE-NG : The Battle  Smile


let us see the differentiating features between the three network emulators bifurcated in a tabular format-

[Image: GNS3-VS-eveng-vs-virl-table.jpg]
While comparing GNS3 vs Eve-NG vs VIRL, it is essential to take into account the current ecosystem of network emulation and simulation software. The operation process related to some of these software can be a daunting task, especially for the newcomers in the networking industry. There are multiple features and characteristics associated with these software that may allure different kinds of learners. That is the reason why we are not recommending you a particular software, but informing you about the merits and demerits of each choice, so that you could make a rational decision at your own grounds. We hope our efforts have been worthwhile!


Currently I am not studying for CCIE but as my point of view and experience I will recommend GNS3 because after 2014 GNS3 has improved a lot. GNS3 and EVE both emulate images of different Network gear vendors.

GNS3 server need GNS3 client to access that server but Eve is client less

GNS3 important images very easily and quickly without any efforts but EVE need tomuch efforts to do so also eve required linux knowledge as well but GNS3 don't


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