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DISCUSSION My feed back about CCIE R&S Lab

Ticket 1:
- SW2: Port security - wrong MAC address

Ticket 2:
- R17: "ppp ipcp route default" was missing

Ticket 3:
- R22: E2/0 wrong subnet mask

Ticket 4:
- R13: prefix-list blocking

Ticket 5:
- R22: "next-hop-self" missing

Ticket 6:
- R25: E0/0 subnet not advertised
- It stared to work after clearing BGP

Ticket 7:
- R15: "ip nhrp redirect" missing
- R15: incorret host entry "user1spoke2"
- R19: "ip nhrp shortcut" missing
- R19: wrong nhrp authentication 

Ticket 8:
- R7: neighbor not configured
- R7: neighbor not configured
- R8: interface E0/0.125 missing "ip nat inside"
- R6: BGP neighbor not activated under vpnv4 address-family

Ticket 9:
- Crypto config mismatch between R7 and R24. I copied everything from R7 and past it to R24.

Ticket 10: - R24: E0/0 Secondary IP address duplicated with NAS IP address.

- HSRPv6 + Multicast: The same as Spoto including packet sequence number in packet capture. 

Overal it was very similar to Spoto. Only minor differences. A lot of configuration has been pre-configured. 

1.1 - Same as Spoto
1.2 - Same as Spoto
1.3 - SW300 and SW301 had "no spanning-tree mst simulate pvst" configured
1.4 - Same as Spoto

2.1 - Same as Spoto
2.2 - OSPF already pre-configured. Only Lo1 on SW100 and Sw101 missing. There was strange interface Lo2001 with IP address 10.255.X.X on either SW110 or SW111. I do not remember anymore which switch it was. I advertised it to OSPF anyway, but I guess it is not necessary.
Passive interface was not configured in SW110/SW110.
2.3 - Same as Spoto. Only difference. The OSPF process ID was 2 and not 10. Also, there is no access R100. They explicitly asked: Confirm desired output from OSPF database on R42.
2.4 - Same as Spoto
2.5 - Same as Spoto
2.6 - Same as Spoto
2.7 - Same as Spoto
2.8 - Same as Spoto
2.9 - Same as Spoto, only IPv6 was not enabled in SW111
2.10 - Same as Spoto
2.11 - Same as Spoto

3.1 - Loopback IPs are different. For example while Spoto has RD and RT import/export has to be configured. Rest is the same.
3.2 - Partially preconfigured. crypto keyring missing on R60 and R51.
3.3 - Same as Spoto
3.4 - Same as Spoto. I copied ipsec related configuration from R24 and modified it for R71. NAT was already pre-configured.

4.1 - Same as Spoto. Requirement to have maximum hop limit 2
4.2 - Same as Spoto

5.1 - Same as Spoto. I configured EEM as well.
5.2 - Same as Spoto
5.3 - Same as Spoto
5.4 - Same as Spoto

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