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Thread Contributor: Billy GNS3 WorkBench


GNS3 WorkBench is a comprehensive collection of over 140 exercises/labs with detailed instructions primarily aimed at ICND1/ICND2 level.

It can be downloaded as either:

  1. a VMware image Appliance running Linux Mint with (almost) everything you need to make GNS3 run already installed, including: GNS3; Wireshark; Qemu; Oracle VirtualBox; Virtual PC Simulator  (VPCS); Konsole; Putty and Xterm.  It also has a collection of public domain images (Microcore Linux and Vyatta routers) installed and ready to go.
    • To run the Appliance, you will to add VMware and a Cisco IOS for an instant GNS3 WorkBench environment.
  2. the exercises/lab collection only ready to be incorporated into your existing GNS3 install on Windows, OS X or Linux.
    • To run GNS3 WorkBench Windows/OS X version, you will need GNS3 already installed on your Windows/OS X computer, and you will need to supply your own Cisco IOS Image
The VMware appliance image can be easily converted to run in VirtualBox
Please visit Rednectar’s blog to learn how to use GNS3 WorkBench.
Updated Workbench for Version 1.2.3

Download the latest GNS3 WorkBench

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