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OFFER CCIE Data Center (v3.0) Learning Matrix
. The goal of this learning matrix is to help you attain your goal to become certified by providing study resources tailored to your own needs.
. It is intended to be used as a reference, and not to provide a complete list of all resources available. The matrix focusses primarely on Cisco and Cisco Press content.
. These widely available preparation resources can be in the form of specific chapters of books, Cisco Validated Design documents (CVDs), Cisco Live 365 presentations, courses,
webinars, VoDs, SRNDs, white papers, case studies, design guides, Design TechNotes, reference guides, etc.

. There is no guarantee that you will be able to pass the exam by only referring to material provided within this matrix. But it will certainly improve your skills, which will serve as the foundation you need to build upon.
. There are a lot of other resources (both internal and external) that cover the same exam topics. You are encouraged to use any other resources at your own discretion during your exam preparation.
. This matrix should be considered a living document and taking into account the sheer amount of possible relevant content, the objective here is to refine and improve this compilation of resources over time, so please refer to it frequently.
. We encourage you to participate and engage with us, so if you have any suggestions for further content or any comments regards to the current content, please let us know.

How to make the best out of this learning matrix?
1.1. Evaluate yourself and determine which areas you need to improve in

1.2. Create a strategy
Determine which preparation resources YOU need based upon your self-evaluation. Several options might be provided to prepare to each topic, you might not need all of them.

1.3. Get preparation resources tailored to your own needs
Buy or borrow books, schedule classes, find a study partner, etc. In short, arrange all YOU need to get ready for the exam.

1.4. Are you ready?
Once you are comfortable you are mastering exam topics, register and take the exam.

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Very good excel with extended exam topic with Cisco documentation and books recommendation






Good one.




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