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OFFER Packt - Learning the Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

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Packt - Learning the Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
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Master end-to-end ACI fabric deployment
Perform initial APIC turn-up and configurations, Commission Leaves, and Spines
All aspects of ACI policy objects, interfaces, switch profiles, groups, and policies
Get to grips with ACI tenants, application profiles, Endpoint Groups (EPGs), contracts, and policies
Learn how objects and policies relate to each other-multi-tenancy in ACI
How to extend the ACI fabric beyond the datacenter
Configure external L2OUTs and L3OUTs
VMM integration with vCenter and UCS L4-L7 service insertion (firewalls, load balancers managed by ACI)
How to migrate your traditional campus network into ACI in simple yet effective steps and acquire the right skill set to perform the job right the first time


Automation, objects, and policies are replacing traditional networks as we know them. North-to-South or East-to-West traffic flows-do you know the difference between the two? Don't worry if you don't: this course will remedy that! Traditional campus networks are static, and won't change much because they can't scale up. Data centers are not meant to be static.

Today's Data Center architecture requirements are: scalability, geo-redundancy, security, multi-tenancy, and speed! Data center traffic flow should be highly available and predictable. As the demand for talented ACI engineers and architects is rapidly increasing, knowing the foundational aspects of SDN-based architectures and being able to implement and support them are crucial for your career development.

This fast-paced course uses a whiteboard-based approach with hand written explanations. We start with an introduction to fabric data center designs, Spine and Leaf architectures, and ACI. We then start to implement them and deploy a fabric from the ground up. Then we build a multi-tenant environment.

After completing this video training course, you will have gained a solid understanding of how to administer an Application Centric Infrastructure.


This course will help you get from zero to hero and master the policy-driven Data Center approach that ACI offers
ACI involves a big learning curve and you'll learn to change your traditional network design mentality, which will be crucial to mastering ACI
We will work with ACI APIC version 3.x. which provides the current SDN feature set you need to perform all data center functions and requirements

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
2 Let's Bring the ACI Fabric to Life
3 Enabling Connectivity in ACI
4 Multi-Tenancy: ACI's Ultimate Weapon
5 Secured Internal Connectivity In ACI
6 Secured External Connectivity with L3OUTs
7 Layer 2 Through Layer 7 Service Insertion
8 Automation and Orchestration with ACI
9 ACI Management and Troubleshooting

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