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OFFER SD-Access Video Series
Hi Friends,
I just finished my Educational video series on Cisco's Software Defined Access.  This series covers big picture and almost every concept used in this technology. There are 12 videos in this education series and each video is of 13 to 18 minutes long.  The total duration is 3 hours. As many people here prepare for certification exams in this forum, this will be definitely a helpful resource for them. Please have a look at this and provide your valuable inputs.
Below is the link for the entire series.
Introduction to SD-Access

Below are the links for individual videos,
1. SD Access Introduction
2. SD Access Underlay and Overlay
3. SD Access Data-Plane Part-1
4. SD Access Data-Plane Part-2
5. SD Access Control-Plane part-1
6. SD Access Control-Plane part-2
7. SD Access Control-Plane part-3
8. SD Access Control-Plane part-4
9. SD Access Virtual Networks aka VRF's
10. SD Access Border Router Part-1
11. SD Access Border Router Part-2
12. SD Access Fusion Router


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