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RULES Forum Group Buys Process & Rules
Group Buying / Team Buying definition: 
Several people - sometimes friends, but possibly strangers connected over the internet - agree to approach a vendor of a specific product in order to haggle with the proprietor as a group in order to get discounts. The entire group agrees to purchase the same item. The shoppers benefit by paying less, and the business benefits by selling multiple items at once.

“Group Buy” Rules
The Group Buy forums are the authorized spot on the site for members to request group buys on items that they want and feel that other members will be interested in. Members can start a group buy request by just creating a new thread in the Group Buy forum. Other members can respond if they're interested in the group buy.

Rules & Regulations
  • You must be our forum member for at least 6 months or more and You need to have at least 5 relevant posts in order to use the PM feature, check the forum rules for more info. (Rule applies to both GB initiation as well as participation.)

  • All group buys / group buy requests must be open in the forum or by PM. NO GROUP BUYS BY EMAIL

  • All participants can continue the process by chatting with other members interested in the GB

  • Any member found soliciting in other people's threads will have his posts removed and account privileges taken away.

  • Don't thread hijack, start your own thread if you wish to create a group buy.

  • No off topic posts. They will be removed without warning


  • Members posting group buy request for items that they are selling themselves are not allowed at all times

  • When the GB has been finalized, topics must be updated in the GB section as well

  • Staff Team will continue to emphasize reliability, and assure creditability while we perform transaction.

  • all GBs are published for free to the public after 90 days of purchasing , instead of waiting all that time you can hit the store button and buy the product with a special price

  • the GB will remain open for a period of 2 months from the day of initiation , if the GB didn't meet the target it will be closed for inactivity

  • A member will be permitted to initiate only 1 GB at a time, opening multiple GBs will not be allowed.
**Please note that all materials purchased via GB will be shared after 30 days of initial purchase and or when ready to be offered**

For Group buy initiators:
  • Clear and detailed information on the product.

  • Provide links / images.

  • Have an idea on how many members/product you want to involve

  • Have a clear and defined closing date (should not stretch beyond 4 weeks)

  • Start a list and be prepared to maintain it (i.e. tidy up if necessary)
Ex: every person who is interested to be a part of the GB will add himself on a numbered list like
  • 1st name

  • 2nd name

  • 3rd name
And so on until the required amount of members have been reached
  • Indicate modes of payment ( Internet banking / Cash on delivery / others)

  • Always contact the SM who is responsible for the GB section ( Billy ) in order to remain the GB tidy and having it working in a smooth way
Tips for participants:
  • Ask questions in the thread if you're not sure about certain details.

  • Do your own homework on the product; don't just rely completely on the posters' information. Use Google to research on what you are buying.

  • Be fully informed on the details of product, payment and delivery times.

  • Check back regularly on group buys you're participating in (hint: Subscribe to the thread / bookmark the URL).

  • DO NOT participates in group buys via email there's very little we can do if things go south

  • If you have any queries regarding the progress/delivery and additional information regarding the GB. Please contact the GB correspondent ( Billy )

  • as alot had some suspicious of where the funds goes , the store section to be offshore and have it secure from vendors it is separate from the forum server , so when the initiator mentions that the price will be 40$*10 users that will be actually 12 users *40$ as the 2 additional users funds will be transferred to the initiator who is doing the work and the store section to be maintained , to be clear for the participant at the beginning of each GB the price is FIXED and its clear for him to know how much he will pay regardless of how many contributors are in that GB
itstudygroup.org reserves the right to take disciplinary actions towards any participant of the GB for violating any of the rules above. itstudygroup.org also reserves the right to amend or change these rules at any time without notice. You agree to periodically review this document to ensure you are doing your part.
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