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Thread Contributor: NEXTIE Udemy – Ethical Hacking & Web Application Penetration Testing

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Ethical Hacking is Offensive Security course that primarly focus on finding out bugs in Applications or Networks.
Ethical Hacking (EH) and Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) Course is IT Security (Offensive) Security Course that teaches you how to find vulnerabilities (bugs or loopholes, like coding mistakes, configuration mistakes or errors etc) in any applications and Network infrastructures including networking devices, mobiles etc- Web Application Penetration is specific to digging the same specific to web applications-
In this course you will learn how to find critical information that helps you to hack into computer / applications, later tool, techniques and technologies that help you to penetrate (hack) into your target- Ethical Hackers have high demand and have excellent job scope around the world- You can just dig information in job portals about the job scope and salaries paid- According to Nasscom (INDIA), India needs 188,000 security professionals by 2012, its 2014 now, you can expect the job scope around the world-

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