Full Version: Join itstudygroup staff team
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Are you interested in proving your technical expertise in one of the world's largest IT Certification communities ?
Do you want the world to know your skills?
If you feel that this is what you have always wanted to do, then join IT Study group as Technical Expert.

Please send your application via PM to NIMOCCIE or Billy
Your application should include the following information :
- Areas you want to focus on (Microsoft, Cisco, VMWARE, Storage, etc...)
- How often do you visit certcollection.
- A brief introduction about yourself and why should we select you.

If you do get selected, being a Technical Expert is only the beginning of a great career at certcollection.
With ongoing activity you will be rewarded for your efforts and will be promoted to the next rank.
The next steps in your career would be that of a moderator (honorary member) and after that, you could even become
a Super Moderator and be responsible for a team of your choice.

So join today and send your application.