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Last Updated: 05-28-2018, 05:03 PM
Name: CCIE R&S v5 Real LAB Workbook
Category: Cisco
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Submitted by: NIMOCCIE
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Version: H1.1
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Hey Folks,

We have created CCIE R&S Real Lab Workbook based on exam takers review. This real lab workbook is 98% match to real lab exam.  Our CCIE R&S Real lab workbook passing ratio is 98%.

We are continually monitor real lab exam changes and update the workbook. Every week one candidate takes exam and share review after that we update the workbook.

You can practice that LAB in home using WEB-IOU LAB Simulator. You Need Intel i5 or i7 with 16GB RAM to run this LAB Simulator. You will receive WEB-IOU user guide as well.

Please find link of demo:

CCIE Real LAB Workbook Demo

Configuration LAB:  H1.1 to H1.2, H2.1 to H2.2 and H3.1

Troubleshooting LAB: TS1.1 to TS1.7 and TS2.1 to TS2.2

Diagnostics:  DIAG 1.1, DIAG 1.2, DIAG 1.3, DIAG 1.4

Update Date: May 2018

This secure PDF can be viewed in CopySafe PDF Reader.

You need to contribute Just 125$ USD to get instant download access.

NO UPDATE you will gate One time Download .

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You can contribute with Credit card or via PayPal account at below link:-

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Thanks for the contribution and Good Luck for the exam !

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