CCIE R&S Written
Posted by: umshahid - 02-14-2019, 06:06 PM - Forum: CCIE Routing and Switching - No Replies

I am looking for Latest CCIE Routing and Sw Written Dumps!!

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Where do I get Cisco IOS images?
Posted by: roboto - 02-14-2019, 01:07 PM - Forum: GNS3 - No Replies

Hi, I need the Cisco IOS images pack, someone where do I get Cisco IOS images??

Thanks in advance,

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Suggest Me The Best Educational Material For My 300-075 Exam?
Posted by: ahmeshal - 02-08-2019, 03:33 PM - Forum: Feedback - No Replies

I observe that Cisco 300-075 certification is highly demanded in IT filed, Bright future scope if I certified it. Now I make my mind to pass it and search study material for its preparation, did you suggest me the best educational content for this preparation???

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Network Wireshark PCAPS
Posted by: Pramo - 02-04-2019, 07:42 PM - Forum: Wireshark - Replies (3)

Network Wireshark PCAPS.


Hidden Content

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Wireshark Sample Captures
Posted by: Pramo - 01-30-2019, 08:55 PM - Forum: Wireshark - No Replies

Hello Folks

Please Check below Wireshark Sample Captures

  1. Sample Captures
  2. How to add a new Capture File
  3. Other Sources of Capture Files
  4. General / Unsorted
  6. Viruses and worms
  7. Crack Traces
  8. PROTOS Test Suite Traffic
  9. Specific Protocols and Protocol Families
    1. AirTunes
    2. Apache Cassandra
    3. ARP/RARP
    4. Spanning Tree Protocol
    5. Bluetooth
    6. UDP-Lite
    7. NFS Protocol Family
    8. Server Message Block (SMB)/Common Internet File System (CIFS)
    9. Legacy Implementations of SMB
    10. Browser Elections
    11. SMB-Locking
    12. SMB-Direct
    13. SMB3.1 handshake
    14. SMB3 encryption
    15. SMB3.1.1 encryption
      1. Intial value
      2. Negotiate protocol request
      3. Negotiate protocol response
      4. Session setup request (1st)
      5. Session setup response (1st)
      6. Session setup request (2nd)
    16. TCP
    17. MPTCP
    18. Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS)
    19. HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP)
    20. Telnet
    21. TFTP
    22. UFTP
    23. Routing Protocols
    24. SNMP
    25. Network Time Protocol
    26. SyncE Protocol
    27. PostgreSQL v3 Frontend/Backend Protocol
    28. MySQL protocol
    29. MS SQL Server protocol - Tabular Data Stream (TDS)
    30. Netgear NSDP
    31. VendorLanProtocolFamily
    32. DECT
    33. Sigtran Protocol Family
    34. Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)
    35. IPMI
    36. IPMB
    37. SIP and RTP
    38. RTSP Protocol
    39. H.223
    40. H.265/HEVC
    41. MGCP
    42. USB Raw (dlt 186)
    43. USB with Linux encapsulation (dlt 189)
    44. USB with USBPcap encapsulation
    45. FreeBSD usbdump format file
    46. WAP Protocol Family
    47. X.509 Digital Certificates
    48. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
    49. Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
    50. SAN Protocol Captures (iSCSI, ATAoverEthernet, FibreChannel, SCSI-OSD and other SAN related protocols)
    51. Peer-to-peer protocols
      1. MANOLITO Protocol
      2. BitTorrent Protocol
      3. SoulSeek Protocol
      4. JXTA Protocol
      5. SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) Protocol
    52. Kaspersky Update Protocol
    53. Kerberos and keytab file for decryption
    54. mDNS & Apple Rendezvous
    55. Point-To-Point (PPP)
    56. Point-To-Point over Ethernet
    57. X.400
    58. Direct Message Protocol
    59. STANAG 5066 SIS
    60. STANAG 5066 DTS
    61. RTP Norm
    62. DCE/RPC and MSRPC-based protocols
      1. DSSETUP MSRPC interface
      2. NSPI MSRPC Interface
      3. WINREG Interface
      4. WITNESS Interface
    63. IPsec - ESP Payload Decryption and Authentication Checking Examples
    64. Pro-MPEG FEC - Professional video FEC data over RTP
    65. SSL with decryption keys
    66. MCPE/RakNet
    67. NDMP
    68. Kismet Client/Server protocol
    69. Kismet Drone/Server protocol
    70. DTLS with decryption keys
    71. DTLS JPAKE as used in ThreadGroup Commissioning
    72. ETHERNET Powerlink v1
    73. ETHERNET Powerlink v2
    74. Architecture for Control Networks (ACN)
    75. Intellon Homeplug (INT51X1)
    76. Wifi / Wireless LAN captures / 802.11
    77. TrunkPack Network Control Protocol (TPNCP)
    78. EtherCAT
    79. iWARP Protocol Suite
    80. IPv6 (and tunneling mechanism)
    81. TTEthernet (TTE)
    82. GSM
    83. UMTS
      1. IuB interface
      2. Iu-CS over IP interface(MoC)
      3. Iu-CS over IP interface(MtC)
    84. X11
    85. Gopher
    86. InfiniBand
    87. Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
    88. FastCGI (FCGI)
    89. Lontalk (EIA-709.1) encapsulated in EIA-852
    90. DVB-CI (Common Interface)
    91. ANSI C12.22 (c1222)
    92. HDCP
    93. openSAFETY
    94. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Near-Field Communication (NFC)
    95. IEC 60870-5-104
    96. SISO-STD-002
    97. STANAG-5602 SIMPLE
    98. S7COMM - S7 Communication
    99. Harman Pro HiQnet
    100. DJI Drones control Protocol
    101. HCrt (Hotline Command-response Transaction) Protocol
    102. DOF (Distributed Object Framework) Protocols
    103. CBOR (Concise Binary Object Representation)
    104. RADIUS (RFC 2865)
    105. Distributed Interactive Simulation (IEEE 1278)
    106. Financial Information eXchange (FIX)
    107. UserLog
    108. OpenFlow
    109. ISO 8583-1
    110. DNP3
    111. System Calls
    112. Linux netlink
    113. Oracle TNS / SQLnet / OCI / OPI
    114. Lawo EmberPlus S101/Glow
    115. HP ERM
    116. Automotive Protocols
    117. Steam In-Home Streaming Protocol
    118. Wi-SUN low power RF Protocol
    119. Nano / RaiBlocks Cryptocurrency Protocol
    120. ua/udp, ua3g and noe protocols (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise)
    121. DICOM
  10. Captures in specific file formats
  11. Captures used in Wireshark testing
  12. Discussion
    1. Requests for particular captures
    2. Downloading all traces

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CCIE R&S Written
Posted by: umshahid - 01-30-2019, 04:03 PM - Forum: CCIE Routing and Switching - Replies (2)

Hi Friends, 

I am looking for Latest CCIE R&S Written Dumps.

Can you please share with me , the valid ones

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200-105 Dumps.
Posted by: tiger.ibra123 - 01-28-2019, 10:59 PM - Forum: CCNA Routing and Switching - No Replies

Hi All!
Does anybody have dumps for 200-105?
Thanks in advance!

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Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer PCAP
Posted by: Pramo - 01-23-2019, 06:33 PM - Forum: Wireshark - Replies (3)

[Image: wireshark_logo.png]
Hello Folks,
Thanks Billy  for creating this Wireshark Forum category on ITstudyGroup Smile
We are going to discuses below points in this Forum
  • Deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, with more being added all the time
  • Live capture and offline analysis
  • The most powerful display filters in the industry
  • Network Protocol Analyzer

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ASA 8.2 image
Posted by: Yelderim - 01-21-2019, 12:50 PM - Forum: UNL & Eve-NG - No Replies

I have been implementing, installing, managing firewalls for few years now, but not Cisco.
recently i have bumped into some old Cisco firewall in real life which have old 8.2 images, i came across some images for EVE-NG but i was unable to login into the device,the device seem not to boot properly

was anyone able to boot that image on EVE-ng

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CCIE real lab exam demo
Posted by: Pramo - 01-17-2019, 11:01 PM - Forum: CCIE Routing and Switching - No Replies

Hi folks 

Today I am going to share you CCIE real lab exam demo with you as per exam participants updated they had observed same user interface and GUI

I hope this will help to understand how lab work in exam centre 

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