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  CCIE RSv5 SPOTO Complete Written Files valid till 22nd May 2018
Posted by: Billy - 06-17-2018, 01:29 PM - Replies (5)


just created one common link for all rns written files

all the best

Old File 747 Questions

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Jan File 2018

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Latest May 2018

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Vce Player + Reader

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  SPOTO CCIE RSv5 Real Lab Workbook GB
Posted by: Billy - 06-17-2018, 01:14 PM - Replies (1)

Hey folks ,

This is a group buy offer for latest SPOTO CCIE RSv5 Real Lab Workbook

[b]Configuration LAB:  H1 H2 H3
 Troubleshooting LAB: TS1 And TS2
[b]Diagnostics:  H1 H2 H3[/b]

This PDF can be best viewed in Foxit-Reader. Adobe reader doesn’t show good image quality. So don’t use adobe reader.

You need to contribute Just $75 USD to get instant download access.

NO UPDATE You will gate. one time Download .

Please use a ‘valid email address’ because you will get download link on that mail address

You can contribute with Credit card or via Paypal account at below link :-

After payment you will be redirected to the download link page. You’ll also receive an automated email within one hour, which contains your download link.

(The payment via above link is completely secure and safe because the transaction is processed via paypal. Paypal is the most trusted and simple method of payment. It is used worldwide by millions of people

Thanks for the contribution and Good Luck for the exam !

Please check mail in inbox & spam folder

[Image: buy_now_button-300x87.png]

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Posted by: program85 - 06-11-2018, 09:30 PM - No Replies

Hi guys,

Can you share c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S5   
Thank you

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  CCIE Written/Lab Vouchers
Posted by: sher123 - 06-07-2018, 10:31 PM - No Replies

CCIE Lab Voucher Price 1370$ Written Voucher Price 370$
How it works.
You will pay the amount in full on the given Paypal Id.
We will have a team viewer session.
I will load the voucher/coupon code in your Exam Booking.

The End

Email sher123jann at gmail
You can have full refund except paypal fees in case deal didn’t work out.

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  GNS3 WorkBench
Posted by: Billy - 05-30-2018, 11:19 AM - No Replies

GNS3 WorkBench is a comprehensive collection of over 140 exercises/labs with detailed instructions primarily aimed at ICND1/ICND2 level.

It can be downloaded as either:

  1. a VMware image Appliance running Linux Mint with (almost) everything you need to make GNS3 run already installed, including: GNS3; Wireshark; Qemu; Oracle VirtualBox; Virtual PC Simulator  (VPCS); Konsole; Putty and Xterm.  It also has a collection of public domain images (Microcore Linux and Vyatta routers) installed and ready to go.
    • To run the Appliance, you will to add VMware and a Cisco IOS for an instant GNS3 WorkBench environment.
  2. the exercises/lab collection only ready to be incorporated into your existing GNS3 install on Windows, OS X or Linux.
    • To run GNS3 WorkBench Windows/OS X version, you will need GNS3 already installed on your Windows/OS X computer, and you will need to supply your own Cisco IOS Image
The VMware appliance image can be easily converted to run in VirtualBox
Please visit Rednectar’s blog to learn how to use GNS3 WorkBench.
Updated Workbench for Version 1.2.3

Download the latest GNS3 WorkBench

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  CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 29 Jan 2017
Posted by: dosccie - 05-30-2018, 11:06 AM - Replies (1)


I'm pleased to announce that I finally got my number last Friday. Besides God's blessing, joining the CCIE R&S lab focused Boot Camp, Made All The Difference For Me.

I got the following:

- New TS  
- New Diagnostics ( DHCP and TCL)
- New Config

I'd like to thank all CC contributors.

Stay blessed!

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  CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 30 Jan 2017
Posted by: dosccie - 05-30-2018, 11:05 AM - No Replies

Good day guys.

I want to share my experience,

I did the exam last week,

I passed the troubleshooting, old ts just like the alinux1 - alinux6, two or three faults per ticket, in this post you will see all tickets with all faults but in the exam only two or one thing is broken.

Be careful with the timer on top, cause it stops when i have left 30min, if you want to continue it takes those 30minutes from the configuration part, just find the issue, fix it and continue don't waste any time.

For the diag part just like in the forum, DHCP snooping and TCL script.

For the Configuration part, it was the A5_vrf exam, it is really really long exam I didn't have time to verify anything, I configured at full speed at the end I failed.

- The section 2.11 changes, the RP and BSR is R17 not R15 like in the workbook shared in this forum.
- The secion 1.3 changes, port-channels use LACP sw3 and sw4 are active and 5 and 6 are passive.
- Be super careful when configuring access/trunks, It is better to set every port back to defaults and then configure the ports based on the diagram, I found the table they give super confusing.
- Try to use the notepad, ( you can access in the desktop ) to copy/paste as much configuration as you can cause time is the real factor, for me this exam doesn't score if you have the knowledge or not, it is all about speed and precision cause the tasks are not that tricky.
- Have a plan, do the A5 lab as many times as you can at home, so that when you go to take the lab exam you just have to compare the actual exam versus what you practice and go right ahead at the configuration part without too much reading.

I will attempt again as soon as I can, do you know, I have a question if you can help me:

Based on your experience how probable is that I have the same troubleshooting/diagnostics and configuration sections in my second try? and what could be the differences between my first attemp and a second one?

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  CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 30 Jan 2017
Posted by: dosccie - 05-30-2018, 11:03 AM - No Replies

Dear All,
I thank you all whole heartedly for your sharing and caring.
I have finally cleared this exam and that with your your support and help here had played a big big role.
Credit goes to all the nice human beings here and there who have shared the experience and taught me a lot.
It was a long and frustrating journey for me but I am glad it is over. This was my third attempt. First was years back, so not going count that in feedback.

First attempt

B11/Old TS, RP diag, New lab. Failed this in config.

Only ticket worth mentioning was MPLS where neighbor R4 or R6 was not activated on RR R3. So it was single taken in traces done from R12.

Further, in 2 or 3 of tickets I end up opening acl wide ( any any ).

So really nothing much to add but B11 covers it well.

Second attempt.
New TS. Old lab, DHCP snooping diag.

TS was covered in B13 ( with pictures of pages )  well. I would say go through those pages well and go through full troubleshooting approach mentioned in that pdf. It
helped a lot
Tkt1. There was vlan-access map sequence 1, so add modified acl under it. Check B13 already shared on these forum.
Rest of the tickets were same.
R10 MPLS ticket, did have routing loop so increased the distance under ospf distance command.
Last NAT ticket was not generating correct output on NAS. Tried couple of times this that, though the config already there was good. Could not resolve it but this router was having some issue i guess. May be some bug.

All it all after practicing a lot a discussing stuff with my colleagues it became clear that knowing faults only just helps but is not a part of entire picture and can easily panic you in lab if you do not have troubleshooting skills developed.

So please work on TS skills, think what have you just done to resolve it. What else could have you done better to get the fault info out of show commands and logs.

Lab will have many interfaces shut down and you will wonder why things are not coming up. So at-least check show ip int brief | ex unas to ensure that L3 interface are up and CDP for L2.

Develop a strategy of of you gonna approach at each section. If you do not have this one then you are likely not prepared. It is not about knowledge but speed of execution, testing and verifying at the same time.

Always check basics like if neighbors are up first ? ( IGP, BGP are up or not ? ) Are there any cost manipulation ? logging console turned on, check logs , check cost. Even if you have resolved the fault, give it a thought what else could you induce as a fault for your colleague.
Join discussion groups, learn as well as teach. Sea is quite big.

Once again, many thanks guys. God Bless you.


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  CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 31 Jan 2017
Posted by: dosccie - 05-30-2018, 10:59 AM - No Replies

I really truly appreciate this forum. Without this i dont think i could pass this first attempt. My case, OLD/NEW/OLD with VRF.

TS : B1-11 mixed
Diag : DHCP / Hacker
Config : OLD with VRF

nothing new...
what i would like to suggest you is

* keyboad & mouse are terrible... you need practice external keyboad / mouse if you always use laptop like me...
* Read Question carefully. some Qs are not same as practice LAB but not difficult ones.
* Pactice LAB again & again. especially TS. it's mixed Q so you better do each LAB at least 2 or 3 times.
* Practice LAB with NotePad and Putty. I got tons of touble Copy/Paste...
* Do Verification !! This is most important. once i complete configs i started verification then i found out tons of easy mistakes on both TS and Config...  

Again, thank you so much for everyone here sharing your experience

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  CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 02 Feb 2017
Posted by: dosccie - 05-30-2018, 10:58 AM - No Replies

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the materials provided, yesterday I had appeared for the lab and failed.

A3 lab is still valid, some has got A5, tshoot I got B12 and some has got B9.

There are small variations in lab and t shoot.

tshoot i was stuck in question 3.as the question was tweeked with METRIC option instead of LP so just touched 5 questions.
diag i had no idea what it was about till i first saw the question, so its of some DHCP and Hacking.
Lab A3, my dmvpn has came up but eigrp was not working, may be my config mistake. i wasted time in it and my studpidity of OSPF.
so i had just completed upto BGP config in the lab.

maybe next time.

just verify the answers while practicing which i did not.

thank you.

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