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PacktPub - Cisco UCS Cookbook (2016) - Billy - 04-27-2016

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Familiarize yourself with information on the latest information on memory management practices, virtualization architectures, and the specific technical advantages of UCS

Get a concrete understanding of integrating processes and techniques to ensure effective convergence of LAN/SAN
Get to know the best practices of Cisco UCS, EMC Storage, and VMware vSphere
Master migrating data from other band servers or Blade to Cisco UCS
Comprehend how to replicate and back up UCS to remote sites UCS
Assimilate innovative techniques to deploy UCS to leverage its full potential
Gather information on installing and configuring automatic and manual Pinning
Discover ways to integrate a system in Cisco UCS

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a data center server platform that is used for computing, deploying, and storing resources in data center environments.

This cookbook aims to teach you about various tasks you can implement to improve your existing method of configuring and deploying UCS. You will start by learning how to upgrade your firmware on Brocade and Cisco Fibre Channel Switch and will move on to enhance your knowledge of LAN connectivity. We will then discuss how to configure Windows 2008 and 2012 local boot in Cisco UCS. Next, you will learn how to install the operating system on Cisco UCS and use Cisco UCS Power Calculator to calculate the UCS consumption. Finally, we'll take a look at backup solutions.

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