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Thread Contributor: NEXTIE CCIE Security V4 Workbook ALL-IN-ONE / CCIE Security V5 Primer [TORRENT]


The Ultimate CCIE Security V4 Workbook Bundle that you were looking for with Kickstart User Guides for upcoming CCIE Security V5. All right I overstated it. So better clear your CCIE Security asap with these workbooks!!!! [Image: boss.png]
Packed with
CCIE Security V4 - INE, IPX, NARBIK, Natalie Timms
CCIE Security V5 User Guides and books - Harris Andrea ASA/VPN Configuration, Next Generation Firewall, IPS and VPN Services. ISE BYOD, WLC, WSA, ESA, Firepower, FireSIGHT, SourceFire.

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Thanks a lot.


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