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BGP Inquiries


Those questions are not purely exam related, but they are related to some confusion I am having in understanding BGP, any help would be really appreciated! 

Now let us assume this scenario; 

- Two edge routers (EDGE-R1 & EDGE-R2) that are directly connected through a switch and running IBGP. They are installed after an Edge FW
- Each Router is running external BGP with AS 8888
- EDGE-R1 is neighbor with AS 1111 , EDGE-R2 is neighbor with AS 2222 .. each from a different provider
- Corporate's subnet to be advertised by the routers is ( /24 ) 

My questions are; 
- If both routers are advertising the /24 network, how can I specify on which router I will be reached from the internet users? What would determine whether am reachable through AS 1111 or AS 2222

- Just to confirm, having the Firewall with two default routes, one for each Router would achieve ECMP and therefore equal load balancing correct? 

Thank you!

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