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Thread Contributor: Billy Share Section Rules !

(This post was last modified: 11-29-2016, 08:40 AM by Billy.)

Please take some time to read our newly published rules for the Share Section. Familiarize yourself with these rules before opening a Offer and / or Request thread under the share and sub-share sections.

Non compliant threads and / or posts will either be edited, disapproved or removed by our staff. You may also face disciplinary action taken against you based on the severity of the non compliance which includes warning, suspension, or a ban.

Rules for share section.

1. Use proper prefix in the share section, Use [Offer] tag if you are offering any materials and [Req] tag if you are requesting for any materials.

2. Check / Search for open topics. Before posting a new request, please use search feature to see if it has been already shared.

3. Things to remember before opening a new offer / request thread.

The Offer thread should have a correct title and brief description about the material to be shared.
Do not use RED color font in your posts, red color is meant for moderators only. Do not Post / Offer Non - IT stuff in this section. Don't make a new "Request" thread for information (i.e. hey how does this work?), Don't make a new "Offer" thread for a tutorial or procedure (This is how you update something) , such posts will be removed without any comments.

The share forums are for sharing files only, to ask questions or share ideas use the discussion forums.

4. Always add hide tags to your download links.

5. Do not bump your Request / Offer threads unless you want to reply to a member's query. New download links (if any) should be updated in the main post itself instead of new post.

6. Hidden content visible only when you reply to post.

7. Use report button to report dead links , offer/request threads posted in the wrong share section, Non - IT stuff and fake / out-dated study materials.

8. Do not post or ask for Email / Skype IDs in the share sections, such posts will be removed without any comments and the member doing so will face stringent action taken against him which includes a warning point and disabled posting power. Same goes for members trying to do an exchange or sell study materials by posting "PM ME" or "I have this" posts. Share section is meant for sharing things and not for doing any kind of business.

-ITStudyGroup Team

Thank you all in advance.

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