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Thread Contributor: dosccie CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 13 March 2017



I want to share my lab experience

1. TS - had the B12/B13 lab
All the shares in the furom were very helpful.

L2 tech - VLAN filter and DHCP snooping
on BGP I searched most of the problems on the RRs (that are marked on the topology) with show ip bgp x.x.x.x/xx
MPLS ticket - check the LDP neighbors on the 2 center routers to verify where the MPLS problem
R51 was connected to the left ISP and not the MPLS nework.
DMVPN - I suggest to check first the underlay and then the tunnel/crypto configuration - had problem on the tunnel key on one of them.

Diag  - Multicast with problem on site 2 like documented on the furom.
    HSRPv6 - notice that the pcap is not wireshark and most of the searches don't wirking so you need to remember how to search.

Config - OLD topology with VRF aware on the APAC site (YELLOW vrf).
basically the answers are like what documented on this forum.
because the order of the qustions will not give you full solution I can suggest to prepare your own order of solution
I did - 1. layer 2 + BANNER + SSH + port  security + terminal shell question
   2. OSPF, EIGRP of NY,  BGP of APAC (R15 wont get routes at this time), DMVPN,EIGRP of APAC. routing to complete all the routing section.
   3. IPV6 + Multicast + NAT + NTP
  * remember the "?" on the vtp passward (ctrl + V)
  * no banner motd under line vty to solve the 2 banner on the SSH

That's all I can remeber

thanks to this forum and all the feedbacks and support


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