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Thread Contributor: dosccie CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 02 Feb 2017


Hi Guys,

Thank you for the materials provided, yesterday I had appeared for the lab and failed.

A3 lab is still valid, some has got A5, tshoot I got B12 and some has got B9.

There are small variations in lab and t shoot.

tshoot i was stuck in question 3.as the question was tweeked with METRIC option instead of LP so just touched 5 questions.
diag i had no idea what it was about till i first saw the question, so its of some DHCP and Hacking.
Lab A3, my dmvpn has came up but eigrp was not working, may be my config mistake. i wasted time in it and my studpidity of OSPF.
so i had just completed upto BGP config in the lab.

maybe next time.

just verify the answers while practicing which i did not.

thank you.

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