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Thread Contributor: dosccie CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Takers Review 31 Jan 2017


I really truly appreciate this forum. Without this i dont think i could pass this first attempt. My case, OLD/NEW/OLD with VRF.

TS : B1-11 mixed
Diag : DHCP / Hacker
Config : OLD with VRF

nothing new...
what i would like to suggest you is

* keyboad & mouse are terrible... you need practice external keyboad / mouse if you always use laptop like me...
* Read Question carefully. some Qs are not same as practice LAB but not difficult ones.
* Pactice LAB again & again. especially TS. it's mixed Q so you better do each LAB at least 2 or 3 times.
* Practice LAB with NotePad and Putty. I got tons of touble Copy/Paste...
* Do Verification !! This is most important. once i complete configs i started verification then i found out tons of easy mistakes on both TS and Config...  

Again, thank you so much for everyone here sharing your experience

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